We have a new (temporary) phone number:

The phone service provider that we use for our main numbers (800-835-9502) and (717-723-8903) is currently experiencing a DDOS (Denial of service) attack on the servers that manage our inbound phone numbers. It hasn’t been officially confirmed, but there are indications that REvil (a nortorious cyber criminal gang) may be behind this attack. The attack became evident to us yesterday (Friday 9/17/21) afternoon when the phones were more quiet than normal.

We have chosen not to wait any longer to deal with this inconvenience, so we are implementing part of our business continuity plan which includes phone service through multiple different carriers. For now, please use our new temporary number (717-740-8253) if you need to call us. If we call you, you may see our normal number show up on the Caller ID, but you will need to call us back at our temporary number (717-740-8253) We hope to have our normal numbers responsive again in the coming days.

I want to assure each one of you that Tech Support One is not under attack. It’s just that the servers that host our main phone numbers aren’t accessible, which leaves us unable to receive inbound calls or enable call forwarding.
– Jonathan Groff

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