How Reliable is your Network?

A fast and reliable network is one of a small business's greatest assets. Your network is being utilized almost constantly while your company is open for business. Many companies take a “one size fits all” approach; but we realize that networks are unique, and require specialized attention to detail. We provide support and equipment for existing networks. We also offer a full service and equipment package, from designing a new network to installing the equipment needed to make it function as intended.

In addition to network support and equipment, we offer several specialized solutions for Network Security. We have cost effective solutions to control Internet content, monitor and manage bandwidth and quality of service, as well as control malicious and unwanted traffic, such as spyware, virus, or bit torrent (illegal file sharing traffic). We can also provide solutions for WAN fail over, and WAN traffic balancing. If you are looking for a stable, reliable VPN solution, we have a product for you. Our hardware devices can provide a secure tunnel across the Internet to share files, and other network resources.

One of the network security issues we are hearing more about is ransomware. Ransomware, such as CryptoLocker or Locky, is a type of computer virus that can encrypt any documents, pictures, or other files on your computer leaving you unable to open any of your files without paying for the key to unlock them. Fortunately, Foolish IT makes a program called CryptoPrevent that you can install on your computer to help prevent ransomware from installing and damaging your computer. You can download CryptoPrevent here. You can leave CryptoPrevent on the default settings and it should prevent most ransomware from installing and encrypting your files.

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